Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 13 – What Women Want with Sulonda Smith

“I’ll give you all the juicy details today” – Sulonda Smith

Please welcome my guest Sulonda Smith. She is specialized in helping men understand women and improving their relationships. This brought me back to 2017 when I attended a business event from my coach JT Foxx. He interviewed Mel Gibson on stage, asked: “What do women want?” and Mel answered “Your soul.”

MegaSuccess with Mel Gibson, Erwin Wils and JT Foxx

That’s not what Sulonda told me in this podcast episode. So when you want to know what she shared with me, you need to listen to this episode 😉 Men approach Sulonda asking her for help and she loves to do that. Kudos for the men by the way, that are willing to invest in their relationship!

We had a great and entertaining conversation. Not only about men and women of course, but also about her juorney and entrepreneurship. Hopefully her story will inspire you too. 

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Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 13 - what women want with Sulonda Smith

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