Achieve your goals in 2021

Achieve your goals in 2021 goals?

2020 is almost over

Almost a year ago, you were setting your goals for this year. Like most of us, you were set to make it the best year yet. And then, Covid-19 “happened”. Maybe you already anticipated on it, maybe it took you by surprise. Lock downs all over the world, businesses go bankrupt, all live meetings are canceled, everything needs to be online, social distancing, you name it. I don’t know how this year is ending for you. However I do know that for most entrepreneurs, 2020 has been a difficult year. And it’s still not over. No government can say when we’re back to “normal business” again. 

2021 is just around the corner

So, did you make some new goals for 2021? As an entrepreneur, we should set some goals for the coming year, so we have a direction to go to, something to work for, we can measure our performance. We learned a lot from 2020. Maybe not in the moment itself, but when we reflect on this year, we can definitely find enough learnings to make our business more resilient. And those learnings we can use to set new goals for the coming year(s). Talking of which, how about your goals for the coming years? Are they still ambitious, or did you turn down the ambition for the coming year? The only certainty we have, is that there is none. So how can we do business when we don’t know what the future will bring? 

Stay ambitious

Well, just like always! That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur. We always have to challenge ourselves, reinvent the wheel of our own business, discover how we can add so much value, that people are willing to pay for it. But just like New Year’s Resolutions, keeping them can be a real challenge. It demands a strong determination and perseverance to keep on going. And we will face new challenges and obstacles down the road. For instance, we don’t see our own blind spots. And you might do your ultimate best, when you’re going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s make it happen together

That’s where I can help, together with fellow entrepreneurs. Because I will host several masterminds in 2021, to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Each mastermind will consist of a maximum of 6 entrepreneurs (myself excluded). Each month we come together online for 2 hours using zoom and help each other out to achieve our goals for 2021. Between two meetings, you’ll have a buddy to keep you accountable and there will be a whatsapp group to share wins, ask questions or simply ask for help. That way we can better anticipate on changing situations and adjust our goals when needed or desired. 

Sitting in the Hot Seat

Sometimes you’r so focused on a problem, obstacle, or challenge, you tend to get tunnel vision. That’s why we have a Hot Seat. During the mastermind, 2 members will be put in the Hot Seat and state a challenge they’re facing. The fellow members give them constructive feedback how to deal with that, new insights, or similar experiences that can inspire the involved entrepreneur. This means that you get in the Hot Seat at least 4 times a year. 

Commitment to the mastermind

These masterminds are not for everybody. It requires a commitment from its members. We’re all in it to help each other achieve our goals. I will also play my role in it, by facilitating the meetings, sharing my knowledge and experience and challenging the status quo. In order to make it a success, we need to create a safe environment where everybody can say what’s needed, ask questions without limitations and everything that’s said in the mastermind, stays in the mastermind. That’s why it requires a certain type of entrepreneur. Besides your time and commitment for a whole year, I will also ask for a financial investment of €1.000, – (or 6 times €200,– bimonthly). Let’s make 2021 your best year till date!

Do you have what it takes?

Even though I’m asking for an entrance fee, I’m not in it for the money. The fee barely covers my investment of time. Time that I could have spend helping other clients. I want you to succeed, because your success empowers my success and motivates me to give even more. I’m not asking for the main prize, yet it is high enough to separate the entreprneurs that want everything for free and the ones that take themselves seriously and are committed to make a difference.  I’m counting on you to be the latter one. furthermore you need to be ambitious, open to constructive feedback, trustworthy and commit to your own success and the success of the group. So please check below statements if they all apply to you:

My goals are ambitious and tend to stretch me

I am dedicated to achieve my goals

I am open to constructive feedback

I am not afraid to ask questions

I'm committed to help my buddy

Everything said in the mastermind, stays in the mastermind

Preselection conversation

When you can say fully “Yes” to all above statements, you’re already on your way to the mastermind and your best year till date. All that needs to happen now, is to book an appointment for a little conversation. I screen all applicants to hear their story, their current situation and their goals for 20201. When I see the fit, I welcome you to join the mastermind. 

You can schedule your appointment over here:

Let’s do this, together!