Millionaire Life Strategy services

When you want to have a real IMPACT on your business, and yourself

Get in control of your destiny

Now it is time to take action. Dreams don’t come true, visions do. The person that you are today is not going to give you the results you desire. To get different results, you need to change. However, we’re not changing, we’re transforming. We will uncover your hidden potential and put it to good use. Depending on your needs and wishes, we can offer you an appropriate program. This page will give you an impression of the possibilities. After an intake we’ll decide together what solution will give you the results you’re looking for.


Diverse events to enhance you capabilities. Experience the power of your mind, selling without selling, speaking with impact, business retreats and more.

Group coaching

With a limited group of 4-6 participants, you’re going to work a whole weekend on yourself and your business, building a plan for a successful future, taking it to the next level. Together we’ll work things out, using the power of the group to make it happen. After the weekend, there will be a biweekly accountability session by zoom to keep you all on track.

Personal coaching

Two full days of coaching centered around you, making you the best version of yourself and aligning your business for the next level, followed by an online biweekly accountability session to keep you on track, ranging from 3 months to a year.