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Personality – POWERMIND™ system

Transforming you into the person that will achieve your dreams, goals, and beyond


The POWERMIND System is the second module of the Profitable Passion Program. This module is all about you. Almost everybody limits themselves without realizing and the POWERMIND System is designed to help you overcome those limitations.  Two days of coaching fully focused on you. 

Why do we limit ourselves?

That is a great question. We might think we don’t limit ourselves, yet I have a very simple and effective 3 steps challenge to prove you do as well. Until now, this is true for over 99% of the participants that took this challenge. So there is nothing to be ashamed for. 

And it is totally explainable. From prehistoric times we have a focus on the negative. Everything was focused upon survival. Whenever something unexpected happened, we went into defensive mode instead of exploration mode. We have been trained for centuries to stay in our comfort zone, because that is safe. If we wouldn’t limit ourselves, we might overestimate our capabilities,  oversee danger and harm ourselves. 

Yet the biggest growth is just outside of our comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a big challenge and that’s where the POWERMIND System comes in. 

I don’t limit myself!

You might think that. And I love to challenge you on that. I bet that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. In sports it is totally normal to have a coach. Top athletes are pushed to get out of their comfort zone, because they want to become the best. Not only physically, also mentally. So are you already playing at the top of your game? Then this is not for you. You have already reached your goals, you are satisfied with your business and life and are doing great! IS that really you? Or do you use statements like “Once I have x, I can”, “When I reach x, then…..”, “I know I can do that, if only….”, or words of similar meaning? If you do, you’re limiting yourself. And the POWERMIND System might just be the missing link between you and your dreams and goals.

What is the POWERMIND System?

The word POWERMIND is actually an acronym and stands for:

P - Profile builder

O - Obstacles versus Opportunities

W - Will

E - Extraordinary Vision

R - Results

M - Mindset

I - Identity

N - Non Consciousness Alignment


Personality - POWERMIND system

Profile Builder

 Part of your personality/ your brand is your online presence. The Profile builder transforms your LinkedIn page from an online resume into a client attracting page. Even though you might not be active on LinkedIn, your prospects are! They will visit your page when they’re looking for information, so make sure that your profile aligns with your business brand. And the best of all, it is a free advertisement page!

Obstacles versus Opportunities

The limiting beliefs we discussed earlier are obstacles on your way to success. During the 2 days of coaching, we will transform those into supporting beliefs. Moreover, by changing your focus, obstacles will become opportunities that you happily accept.


Will is all about your Mission,  your Passion, your Drive. Nothing beats intrinsic motivation. It will keep you going, it makes you persevere, it will create alternative roads to your goals whenever a road might be blocked. There will be a lot of focus on this part during the 2 days of coaching.

Extraordinary Vision

Your vision is your dot on the horizon. Most of the times, this is an extrinsic vision, meaning (more or less) tangible goals. The extraordinay part is that we will put more focus on your intrinsic goals, so that it will boost your motivation. You might have an ideal day in your mind when you have reached your goals, here we go beyond that ideal day.  


Of course, without results, we cannot measure progress. During the 2 days of coaching we wil not only define your business goals,  we will also focus on your personal goals. Because, in the end, you define your business. 


Your mindset defines your success. We will make sure that your mindset is aligned with your mission, vision, motivation, everything that will make this a success. No more doubt, just an unwavering belief in your own capabilites. By the way, when you decide to go for the full package of the Profitable Passion Program, your mindset will be monitored during the whole program, making sure that you will achieve your goals. 


your identity is what is most important to me. I don’t want you to change, I don’t want you to feel like an imposter. I want you to be fully authentic. You will transform during the program. But only in a positive way. You will become even more authentic, you will become the person you are destined to be, without the limitations that has been put on you, or that you have put on yourself without realizing. Are you ready for this transformation?

Non Consciousness Alignment

Non consciousness alignment, or subsonciousness alignment (but that would conflict with my POWERMIND system acronym 😉  ) is about aligning your subconscious with your goals and vision. I always say that your subconscious has a positive intention:

  • It wants to keep you safe
  • It wants to protect you
  • It wants to take care of you

And where can it fulfill its duty the best? In your comfort zone. Because practically everything is predictable in your comfort zone, it more or less knows the outcome, so it expected to be safe. Yet the biggest growth is outside your comfort zone and when you step out of your comfort zon, you can expect some resistance from the subcionscious.

By aligning the subconscious, it will help you to achieve your goals, instead of resisting change. 


During the 2 days of personal coaching, we will focus on your DNA, your core values. What values define you, are more or less sacred to you. What is so important to you, that nobody may cross it. When you consider your vision to be your dot on the horizon, and your mission is what drives you towards it, you can consider your core values to be the crash barriers between which you move forward. And since your core values are per definition also the core values of the company you founded, it is important to get clear about them. 

How do I know I limit myself?

The easiest way is to book an appointment by hitting the button, so I can take you through the 3 steps challenge. But you might also recognize these thoughts or beliefs:

  • I’m not good at selling
  • I hate being in front of a big crowd speaking about myself
  • I don’t like selling
  • What do I have to offer
  • There are so many people better than me in my profession
  • I feel like an imposter sometimes
  • I don’t think I’m good enough
  • I still have to learn a lot before …..

These are all limiting beliefs that can paralyze you. And that’s a shame, because you have your own added value to deliver. You are important, you are valuable yourself and you have to start believing in yourself and your capabilities. And this program is designed to do exactly that: transform you into the person you’re destined to become.

So when you recognize yourself in this, please do yourself a favor and click the button to find out how the POWERMIND system can connect you with your true self.