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Progress – ROADmap™

Keeping track of your Progress.


The ROADmap is the fifth module of the Profitable Passion Program. It is the accountability coaching that will keep you move forward and keep track of your progress. The ROAD part is an acronym for the ingredients of this coaching service and since its intention is to keep you on track with your progress, ROADmap is an appropriate and easy to remember mnemonic.

So what does ROADmap mean?

Like I said, the ROAD part is an acronym and stands for:

R - Results

O - Obstacles

A - Accountability

D - Decisions

Progress - ROADmap


The R in the ROADmap stands for Results. Each meeting, the achieved results of the last period will be reviewed. Did you achieve your goals? Any learnings? Any insights? Are we still on track?


The O in the ROADmap stands for Obstacles. When you didn’t achieve the set goals, something happened, an obstacle occured. This obstacle will be discussed, examined and lessons will be taken from it, so that we can prevent the same obstacles in the coming period. 


The A in the ROADmap stands for Accountability. You will be held accountable for your progress. I will be your big stick, to make sure you keep on progressing. Rest assured that I will challenge you, because the biggest growth happens just outside your comfort zone. 


The D in the ROADmap stands for Decisions.  This is the part where you will make new decisions, set new goals for the coming period and define new actions for the coming period. Based on previous experience you will become better and better in setting achievable goals for yourself.

I don’t think ROADmap is for me

That is a plausible thought. When you are very disciplined, have a very clear strategy of achieving your goals and have all the tools to get there, you’re probably right. However, one of my coaches once said: “If you knew how to get there, you should have already achieved it”. What’s your excuse for not having achieved your goals yet? 

We don’t see our own blind spots, we need another person to make us aware of it. Even though you might think you’re making great progress, you might be driving full speed into a dead end street without realizing it. It definitely helps when someone keeps you alert, challenges you, gives you constructive feedback and also compliments you for your accomplishments. I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, because I want you to learn, grow and excel. 

Use ROADmap to achieve your goals

When you want to keep om moving and growing, ROADmap is the ideal service for you.  Although it is part of the Profitable Passion Program, you can select this module seperately. We can meet on a biweekly basis or a monthly basis. Of course, a combination of those two is also open for discussion. For instance, we could start with a biweekly meeting and when you’re in a flow, switch to a montlhy meeting.

When you want to work at your business and finally achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, this is the service to choose. Rest assured, by clicking the button you will be directed to a calendly link for a little introduction call, and you can ask any questions you still might have. Free of charge of course. So what are you waiting for? When you’re ready to take action, hit that button.