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Online appearances

Erwin Wils is a welcome guest on podcasts, facebook lives, and other online media.

Because he loves to share his knowledge and inspire the audience.

Listen to his wisdom and tips and tricks that can truly make a difference in your life.

Authority Magazine interviews

Authority Magazine has definitely found the way to Erwin Wils for his wisdom and knowledge. They interviewed him on several subjects with regards to mindset and business and he happily replied. You can find all the interviews by clicking on the logo:

Authority Magazine logo

Brainz Magazine interviews

Brainz Magazine has approached Erwin Wils to become an executive contributor. Each month he delivers a new article to inspire the followers of Brainz Magazine. You can find all the articles by clicking on the logo:

Brainz Magazine logo

The Power of Language

People underestimate the power of the language they use. In these interviews I’m sharing some insights how you can change you mindset by changing your language (amongst others):

The Fix with Hopeton Allstar Bailey

LIFT Your Story with Erwin Wils Mindset Coach and Business Strategist

Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help you overcome limitations you’ve put on yourself, cosnciously or unconsciously. Instead of repeating something for 90 days straight to change a behaviour, it can be done in 1 session. In these interviews I’m explaining hypnotherapy and the working of your subconscious mind:

Jonny Hates Marketing with Jonny Cooper

We limit ourselves without realizing it!

In these podcasts I talk about how we limit ourselves without realizing it. First step is becoming aware. I hope these podcasts just do that for you!


Alison Donaghey Show

Alison Donaghey Show – Use the power of your mind to unbox yourself


Unstuck Institute – Reaching higher with Erwin Wils

Yeukai Business Show – Erwin Wils|Transforming Experts Into Entrepreneurs



More and more people ask for my tips and insights and I love to share my knowledge. Here are my 2 cents on several subjects:

CBNation logo

CEO Blog Nation asked for my number 1 sales tip. This is one of them (tip 25 in the article):

25 entrepreneurs share their best sales tips

They also asked what it meant to me being a CEO. Read all about it over here:

20 entrepreneurs explain what being a ceo means to them

Of course, when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re bound to make mistakes. Because that’s how you grow. Fail, learn, repeat. I did as well. I shared one of my biggest failures in this post (it’s about following “experts” and other self-called gurus):

23 entrepreneurs share their biggest failures and lessons they have learned

Creating a name for your business can be a challenge. I shared with CEO Blog Nation how I came up with the names of my Dutch business and my international business:

30 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names

As podcast host, CEO Blog Nation asked me why I started the podcast “Follow your Passion“. You can find my answer over here (number 2):

30 entrepreneurs explain how they use their podcast for business

Carol Roth

Carol Roth asked a tip how to get (and keep) a positive mindset. My tip is number 169 in the article:

Positive mindset tips for small business owners

She also asked for a contribution on tips for overcoming doubt and imposter syndrome for small businesses. My tip is number 149:

Tips for overcoming doubt and imposter syndrome for small businesses

Here’s is a great blog on how to get psyched up for a big opportunity. My tip is number 29:

Tips on getting psyched-up for business opportunities

What to do with customer complaints? Carol asked me, my tip is number 21:

Dealing with customer complaints

Automation is the first step towards the next level in your business. And that doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Check out my tip in this post from Carol (number 14):

Small Business Automation Tips


Niels Janszen asked for for book recommendations. I recommended “Think and Grow Rich” from Napoleon Hill, in my opinion a must read for all entrepreneurs:

5 life changing books for aspiring entrepreneurs and 30 bonus tips

BodyNutrition asked me for an Expert panel on how to cope with stress during the pandemic. I gave them a simple yet effective tip that can be implemented directly. Read my tip and 21 tips from other experts in the following article:

Expert panel: How to cope with stress during the pandemic


 Dottech domains - my start in tech

Dottech Domains wrote an article how people started their career in tech. I shared my story as well, you can find it at place 62:

My Start in Tech


Expert Circle logo

The Expert Circle asked my opinion about the benefits of coaching and mentoring. You can find my answer, along with other experts, over here:

The Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring


Live label free with Deanna Kuempel

Business Development Manager and popular Podcast host Deanna Kuempel invited me to her podcast to talk about my background and hypnotherapy. Listen to the episode over here.

To live your best life Live Label Free

Facebook Live with Renew with Renee

Life coach Renee Martinez asked me to join her on a Facebook live to have a discussion why people should invest in coaching. You can see the episode over here.


IT Tech Talk with Joel Ward

Podcast host Joel Ward invited me to join his show. We talked about being an introvert, networking, and more of that stuff. You can find the episode over here:

Podcast with Joel Ward


A day in the life of a hypnotherapist

owlguru logo  Owlguru wanted to know what it was like being a hypnotherapist, so I told  them:


Mass Appeal Magazine asked me to write a short quote that awakened something in me. ?I used an NLP quote that I learned during my very first hypnotherapy training. They’ve put it in their February 2023 magazine that you can find below:

Story Mass Appeal Magazine Feb 2023

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process optimization method that I used when I was working in the corporate world. Jotform asked me to explain what Six Sigma is. You can find my explanation when you click the logo:

Logo jotform

Why we need more Female Founders

Next to being published on Authority Magazine, Wils’ interview “Why we need more Female founders” was also posted on other websites:


VaillantCEO article

Investcourier why we need women founders


Five things you need to know to create a highly successful private practice

Part of this interview was actually picked up and used in a post on Buzzfeed:

Buzzfeed quoted me

The story behind Erwin Wils and Millionaire Life Strategy

A lot of people wanted to hear the founder’s story. Both Billion Success and Ideamensch interviewed Erwin Wils and published the interviews on their website. Please click the logos for the background story of Wils:


ValiantCEO also wanted to interview me about my entrepreneurial journey and learnings I gathered down the road. You can read the full interview over here:

VaillantCEO logo interviewed me in an exclusive in 2022, and I happily shared my story. Click on the logo to read the interview:



In 2018  the TV show “The Boss Talk” interviewed Erwin Wils during a 6 days business event called “MegaSuccess 2018” in Anaheim, Los Angeles:

Also find below the video of world’s number 1 wealth coach JT Foxx interviewing Erwin Wils on stage at MegaSuccess 2017, in front of 2,500 millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires and other succesful entrepreneurs from 71 different countries.

JT Foxx, World's #1 wealth and business coach