Live your full potential!

Live your full potential

Live your full potential

Living your full potential

I think we can all agree that everybody would love to use his full potential. We were given certain talents for a reason and we should use that potential to its fullest. At least, that is my opinion. Yet I see lots of people living an average life and I think that’s a shame. I saw this with a lot of my clients as well when I was doing hypnotherapy and that’s why I changed my focus towards coaching years ago. Because I want people to live their full potential. And once I had this focus, I noticed it in more areas. 

The full potential of cars

I love fast cars. When I can ride one, I want to know its full potential. I want to feel it, I want to experience it, it excites me. Most cars I’ve owned, I’ve driven to the max. To see what’s possible. I’m glad we’re next to Germany, where there are still highways without a speed limit.  So I can legally test the top speed. And I’ve literally put the pedal to the metal. Of course always in a safe way.

Great memories

In all those years, I’ve created some great memories. I still remember driving on the test circuit of Opel OPC in a Opel corsa Nürnburg edition, slipstreaming behind an Opel Vectra OPC Station unlimited edition. The top speed of the Corsa was 215km/h, we touched 240km/h. And then, seeing the Vectra dissappear in the distance when it accelerated even more, it felt a bit dissappointing I couldn’t follow, to be honest. 

Another one was when I got to drive the Porsche 911 of my brother in law. That was the first time I crossed the 250km/h. Based on the navigation system, I was driving at 254km/h (the speedometer said I was going faster) and the car had more potential, but traffic ahead didn’t allow me to push it more. 

Unfortunately, a lot of sports cars are limited. The manufacturers limit their speed at 250 km/h. Although that’s fast enough in most situations, I think it’s a shame to know it has much more potential and you cannot use it. It’s like driving with the handbrake on…..

Another part of me

I also love nature. It might sound contradictory, but I do love the kalmness of nature, the quiteness, birds whistling, etc. I think it keeps me in balance. and even in nature, I see similarities, like these 2 flowers.

Full potential flower

full potential flower, blossoming to the max

Limited potential flower

limited flower, not showing its full potential

Just see how these flowers bloom differently.  I was walking the dogs and I noticed the left flower first. I really liked how it fully stretched its leaves, showing its full potential. If I would have been a bee, this flower would have attracted me for sure. 

About 60 centimeters further, I found the flower on the right. Same species, same environment, except not fully stretching its leaves. and that makes me curious. What is it that makes one flower to show its full potential, and the other one to “limit” itself?

Living your full potential

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that we humans limit ourselves more than we are aware of. Yes, you too! And I can prove it with a little challenge. Are you ready for it? It contains of 3 challenges, 2 physical ones and 1 mental one. don’t worry, everybody can do this.

First challenge

Okay, this is an easy one. I want you to raise one of your hands as high as possible. It doesn’t matter which one, just rais one as high as possible and make a mental note of the point you’ve reached. That’s it for challenge one.

Second challenge

For this challenge, I want you to use that same hand and reach it even higher than you just did, I don’t care how you do that. Just reach higher. did you succeed? Congratulations! You’re like everybody else that did this challenge. Now get ready for the third challenge.

Third challenge

This challenge is a mental one and consists of only one question. Are you ready for it? Here is the question:

“Why didn’t you do this the first time?”

Now that’s an interesting question, isn’t it? So, what’s your answer?

How we limit ourselves

A lot of people answer that they had an aiming point from the first challenge, so they knew what they had to do. And that’s true, and that might also have been your answer. Do you know what my response to that is? “Well, that is true, but what you did the second time, you could also have done the first time. I didn’t give you any limitations the first time, I just asked you to reach as high as possible”. 

The explanation is that you’ve put yourself in a kind of frame and within that frame, you do the best you can. Until you’re challenged to “go the extra mile”, so you’re forced to break out of that frame. And that’s exactly what a great coach will do.

Not reaching your full potential

It is easy to explain why we limit ourselves. It has to do with all the impressions we get from growing up, our social environment, cultural environment, our parents, teachers, etc. We are social animals by nature, so we want to blend in with the others, meaning we adjust ourselves and most of the times we limit ourselves by doing that. You might have a great talent, but when people keep telling you that’s not normal, or just say “act normal” (meaning, confirm with the average) you hide it, or might even forget that talent. 

Getting to your full potential

The simple exercise I shared withg you is just the beginning. It all starts with becoming aware. I see it as my mission to get you to your full potential, so that you become the person that achieves your goals, and beyond. Do you think you cannot sell? I know you can, you just forgot all about it. Don’t you like to be in the spotlights? I’ll make you love it.  I will help you set your mindset for success. My favourite quote is from Napoleon Hill:

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

The key in this quote is believe, meaning really believing in it. Can you truly say that you are going to achieve all the goals you set for yourself, without any doubt? Or do you have a little voice that is telling you things that prevent you from excelling? 

One of my coaches said “if you know how to get there, you would already have been there”. And that’s true! I’m not where I want to be yet, so I have a coach as well. Because coaching is the shortcut for success. When you want that shortcut as well, get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Check out my services page what I have to offer, or listen to some testimonials form other entrepreneurs. I want you to be my next success story.