Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 3 – supermodel and entrepreneur Michaela Vybohova

“No matter how simple her clothing is, like jeans and a white t-shirt, the shoes will make the difference” – Michaela Vybohova

Please welcome my guest: supermodel, entrepreneur and founder of the shoe brand “Michaela V” Michalea Vybohova!

Michaela was born and raised in Slovakia, dreaming of being a part of the fashion industry since she was a young girl. She looked up to designers and watched runway shows constantly, but she couldn’t afford anything from that world. 

At the age of 16, Michaela was discovered by a modelling agent and soon after, her international modelling career started. She became a sought after supermodel, appearing on the front cover of some of the best known fashion magazines of the world and on the glossy pages of many more (you can find enough examples on Google). 

But Michaela is not just beautiful as you can see when you’re watching the video. She is smart and passionate about fashion. She realized after several years of modelling, that she wanted to executer her own creative vision. Through modelling, she learned about the design process from the inside out and her dream was to create something unique, that blends the 2 worlds of style and qality, all while being affordable. 

And the shoe brand “Michaela V” was born. I had a very open and honest conversation with Michaela about the world of modelling and entrepreneurship. It’s not all glamour, it’s hard work and she is the perfect example that when you persevere, you’ll make it to the end. I found her to be very authentic and that’s how she will make a difference. I wish her all the best with “Michaela V”. Hopefully she will inspire you as well!

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Follow your Passion podcast - supermodel and entrepreneur Michaela Vybohova

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