Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 18 – Stu McConnell

“If I don’t do this now, I never gonna do it” – Stu Mcconnell

Please welcome my guest and fellow podcaster Stuart (Stu)  McConnell. Stu is the founder of Guestsounds Consulting, using the power of podcasting to brand his clients. Stu’s entrepreneurial journey started in South Korea, where he taught English to the Koreans. Stu became fascinated about the concept of branding and he started diving into it. 

Now he helps his clients with their branding, so they can stand out and grow their business. Stu’s style of consulting is truly unique. Striving to better understand and serve clients in order to help them craft their
brand into something fulfilling and meaningful, Stu is eager to dig deep into clients businesses in order to target what holds them back. Stu is an energetic, curious person who loves to learn about clients’ content needs through meaningful conversation.

Communication, conversation and presentation are his three core expertise. Stu believes if you have them sorted there is nothing that can stop you from making a buzz in a competitive or monopoly market. Stu is also very interested in hte mindset, so you can imagine we had a great talk. I hope you feel the energy too. 

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Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 18 - Stu McConnell

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