Follow your Passion Season 2 Episode 14 – Soroya Garner

“Everybody has Intellectual Property, but it’s whether or not you recognize that”- Soroya Garner

Please welcome my guest, Soroya Garner. She is an attorney, speaker, and coach who is on a journey to help creatives and entrepreneurs make their mark and leave their legacy. As the founder and managing attorney of Soroya Garner Law, LLC, she helps ensure that the intellectual property of entrepreneurs is protected, so that it has a lasting legacy and creates generational wealth. She works with creative entrepreneurs across the country with securing trademarks, copyrights, business entity formations, and contracts.

Speaking about the importance of legacy building is an important topic to Soroya. This is why she travels to communities, organizations and conferences to teach about how small business owners can protect their business, brand, and legacy. Her upcoming book, The Legacy Blueprint, ” will help business owners to gain insight on the key principles of business formation, brand ownership, and asset protection.

Always one to give back, Soroya regularly shares her time with the community by leading free workshops centered around entrepreneurs and business ownership. Attorney Garner has also committed to helping minority business owners by offering discounted legal services for federal trademarks on an annual basis.

Like Soroya says, everybody has intellectual property, but it’s whether or not you recognize it. Who knows, you might be sitting on a gold mine! I have registered some of my Intellectual Property as well and I know about the challenges you might encounter. We talked about that and much more.  Listen to the episode and be inspired!

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