Follow your Passion episode 45 – It felt like it was my calling from a very early age, Sahra Brandt

It felt like it was my calling from a very early age” – Sahra Brandt

Please meet my guest Sahra Brandt, founder of “Shop the City”. Sahra is a wardrobe consultant and she’s a true expert. Just check out her rankings and reviews. She has even be named a San Francisco Bay area trend setter by Marin Magazine.

However going into fashion wasn’t a paved way. Her family tried to push her another way, even though she knew from early on she wanted to work in fashion. Sahra put herself through fashion school in New York City and then worked as a buyer. When she met her now husband, they moved to Washington DC, which is not a very fashionable town. She took an entry level job at a law firm, because it felt like that’s what she was supposed to do, but that wasn’t fullfilling. 

OF course, true passion cannot be ignored and in 2017 she decided to invest in herself and launched “Shop the City”.  She now offers in-person services across California as well as virtual sessions all over the globe.

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