Follow your Passion Season 2 Episode 21 – Sarah Jones

“Do you realize what an impact you’ve made on my life” – Sarah Jones

These were the words my guest told her first coach she connected with recently. That’s the power of coaching.  Please welcome my guest and fellow coach Sarah Jones. Sarah is a seasoned Leadership Coach. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable drive to help others find their happiness, she founded her successful coaching business to help people find purpose, meaning and direction in their lives and careers.

As a qualified leadership coach in personal, corporate and executive coaching, she provides products and services that help people and businesses identify clear pathways of progress, break through barriers, and navigate their lives, careers and businesses, to fulfil their ideals of success. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about. Listen to her story and be inspired!

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Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 21 - Sarah Jones

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