Follow your Passion season 2 episode 19 – Scott Harvey

“All you have to do is just a little better than that person to stand out” – Scott Harvey

Please meet my guest Scott Harvey. Scott is a former police negotiator and currently fulltime speaker and communications coach. He started his speaking business next to his fulltime job and noticed that his colleagues couldn’t deal with his success. Yet he persevered and now he is a very succerssful speaker. Scott has recently released his book “Silence kills” and cannot emphasize enough the importance of having good communication skills. 

The quote I shared is, is a quote that Scott shared with his kids. They have been trained on their communication skills from early childhood, so I can only imagine they are doing great nowadays. During the interview, it became very clear to me that Scott knows his stuff and I’m pretty sure we could have kept on talking for hours, since I’m a very big fan of language and communication skills as well.

I hope you don’t mind that I kept the interview under the hour, but the amount of tips and knowledge that Scot share is amazing! I would recommend you to listen more than once to this episode, in order to get all the golden nuggets in it.

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Follow your Passion podcset season 2 episode 19 - Scott Harvey

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