Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 7 – Pauliina Rasi

“Sometimes it helps to come from the outside” – Pauliina Rasi

Please welcome my guest and dear friend Pauliina Rasi. She is the founder of Pauliina Rasi Communications and she has made it her mission to empower small businesses with mighty missions to turn their content into clients and impressions into impact.

Born and raised in Finland, Pauliina followed her love to Switzerland, became a mother and started her entrepreneurial journey.

With a background in journalism, corporate communications and PR, she is a passionate writer who uses her love for words to help others communicate what they do and why. When not typing on her laptop 75 words a minute, Pauliina can be found on the slopes of the Swiss Alps trying to keep up with her husband’s and her 7-year-old’s pace.

We had a great conversation and hopefully her story will inspire you too.

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follow your Passion podcast - Pauliina Rasi

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