Follow your Passion episode 42 – Every time I did something for the money, Tiffany Grant

“Every time I did something for the money, I ended up miserable” – Tiffany Grant

Please welcome my guest Tiffany Grant, owner of “Money Talk with Tiff”, which is the name of bother her company and podcast.

Tiffany was a single mom of two boys, going to school full-time and working two jobs trying to make the ends meet. Now she is an Accredited Financial Counselor, has finished her MBA and runs a successful business. She calls herself a self-proclaimed money nerd and is proud of it! She lives and breathes finances.

Tiffany acts as a financial wellness facilitator and an advocate for financial literacy. She is a very energetic and enthusiastic lady and defies the stereotype financial experts. Listen to another wonderful episode of the Follow your Passion podcast!

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