Follow your Passion episode 26 – At this stage and age in life this is what I am supposed to be, Mary Joye

“At this stage and age in life, this is what I am supposed to be” – Mary Joye

How about that with regards to following your passion. Mary has done several jobs, until she came to this point. Her first job was working for the rock group Kiss as a make-up artist and as you know Kiss, that;s already a fulltime job. she has also been a professional songwriter and singer in Nashville at Warner Brothers.

Mary Joye is now a licensed health counselor in Florida  and has written several self help books and e-courses. As a psychiatrist’s daughter, she understands how it feels to be an extension of a family image and better yet, how to become independent of past programming and work towards healthy relationships. She has found her passion and purpose, and we had a great conversation in this episode.

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