Follow your Passion season 2 episode 2 – coach Marco Robert

“Imagine this, you’re 12 years old and you buy the bicycle of your dreams”- Marco Robert

Welcome to season 2 episode 2 of the Follow your Passion podcast! My guest of today, Marco Robert, is a very special one. He is one of the coaches that made a huge impact in my business and that’s why he is still one of my most favourite coaches. His clienst call him the business disruptor and I understand why they call him like that.

We first met in Anaheim in 2017 at a business event. About 10 minutes before I was going on stage to be interviewed in front of 2,500 people from 71 countries, we had to come up with a new introduction. My contact introduced me to coach Marco and in about 5 minutes he summarized what I was all about. That day I got introduced to the work of Napoleon Hill and I had a great interview. And the funny thing is, even though Marco has helped many, many clients, he also still remembers that moment.

And now I’m honoured to give coach Marco the stage. His own entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age. His parents bought a restaurant and he joined them and started working for them. Relatively to his age, he took on a huge responsibility and Marco succeeded big time. With his first earned money he bought the bicycle of his dreams and that launched his entrepreneurial journey. Listen to his amazing story and be inspired!

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Follow your Passion podcast with coach Marco Robert

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