Follow your Passion episode 50 – Dominik Messiaen, the Charming Hypnotist

“I lacked confidence, but then after a few days I started doing it and I saw it worked”- Dominik Messiaen

A quote from my guest Dominik Messiaen about a mindset shift he experienced. Please welcome him in this very special 50th episode of the follow your Passion podcast. I would call Dominik a jack of all trades, looking at all the different skills he gathered and mastered over the years.

After getting his Master’s degree in applied Linguistices, he started his quest for his artistic identity. He followed numerous courses and masterclasses, from dancing to magic to ventriloquism. He ended up doing a professional theatre education. When the police contacted him to give a pickpocket demo, Dominik contacted the German expert Christian Lindemann. Afterlearning all the tricks, Dominik created his own techniques over the years and became an expert himself.

During a pickpocket gathering he watched a hypnosis act and became intrigued. After a hypnotherapist released him from migrane attacks, he followed a hypnotherapy training and added hypnosis to his show. And now he calls himself the charming hypnotist.

He is a great example of someone that followed his passion and didn’t let others stop him. Listen to the episode and feel inspired!

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