Follow your Passion episode 46 – It really started when I couldn’t grow any further, Ramona Tufaru

It really started when I couldn’t grow any further” – Ramona Tufaru

 Please welcome my guest and dear friend Ramona Tufaru, founder of the LinkedIn Lead Machine. She has over 11 years of managerial experience in the corporate world and has a thorough background in sales, marketing and business advice. After being a successful marketing executive in Marketing & Sales in the Italian and international corporate world, where she worked for brands like Benetton, Google, Continental and many more, she discovered that the real distinction in building successful businesses resides in the landscape of marketing & sales and that the biggest innovation really is in marketing and the changing dynamics between marketing and sales.

Her gift is in the triggered pain of not being seen, loved and wanted, so in her work she sets the stage for het clients to be seen, loved and wanted by potential customers. and of course the first stage she sets for them is LinkedIn. She has now combined all her experience and knowledge into a work book that just came out in September 2022. 

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