Follow your Passion episode 11 – Lillian Brummet, professional writer

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” – Lillian Brummet

Please welcome my guest Lillian Brummet. Lillian and her husband Dave have been writing professionally since 1999. To date, they have 6 published books, including the recently released “From one small garden – Over 300 delicious, nutricious recipes”. They also run 2 popular blogs, the “Brummet’s Conscious Blog” since 2004 and more recently “Drum it with Brummet” for drummers and percussionists.

They’re not only stars in writing, Lilian and Dave also produced & hosted the online “Conscious Discussions” radio show for 10 years that broadcasted 3 times a week for an hour and Lillian also produced & hosted the “Authors read” radio show for 2 years.

The main focus of their work is to inspire hope in individuals, helping people realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive and productive in their life.

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