Follow your Passion season 2 episode 15 – Kristine Ochu

“Developing that inner confidence for entrepreneurs is critical” – Kristine Ochu

Please welcome my guest Kristine Ochu. Kristine is an international best-selling author of Campfire Confessions, a 2023 Global Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, a 2023 Global Woman Mentor of the Year, and Founder of “Be UnStoppable! Creating Your Amazing Life” workshops. She is a Former World-Log-rolling Champion and she took all those lessons to become Worlds Champion with her on her entrepreneurial journey.

Kristine is also a screenwriter, documentary film producer and International HR Executive who has taught thousands of people a winning mindset. Kristine has over 35 years of research in the areas of transformational, sports and positive psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, energy medicine, tapping, meditation and creative visualization and more! Her business is called “Kristine Ochu” and all her experience she uses to help her clients.

That Kristine is willing to make a positive change in the world, is an understatement. She is a community builder and ran a self-funded UNICEF campaign to help refugee children in Ukraine in 2022. She has donated over 80% of her book profits to Woman’s Cancer groups, Library Foundations and various charities. Kristine has been featured on numerous podcasts, newspapers, magazines and TV programs. She is a member of the Global Woman’s Club and numerous organizations. We had a great conversation that could have lasted much longer.

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