Follow your Passion episode 15 – It was history fluttering away, Melanie Gall

“It was history fluttering away and I had to catch it and show it to people before it was gone” – Melanie Gall

Please welcome my guest Melanie Gall, professional musician and published author. Her passion has always been discovering quirky bits of lost history. She is educated in classical and opera performance and has found a way to turn ther passion into a career.

As a professional singer, Melanie is touring the world performing “lost” knitting songs of WW 1 & 2, as well as funny popular songs from the early 20th century. She has integrated this music into theatre pieces which she is hired to perform both in the USA as well as overseas (Taiwan, Scotland, China, Sudan, and many more).

This July, 2022, her book about forgotten 1930’s film star Deanna durbin s coming out and in 2023 her second book is coming out about the forgotten history of the house sparrow. 

When you love singing and unknown history, this is the episode to listen to. 

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