Follow your Passion episode 40 – I just kind of went for it, Katie Swanson

“I just kind of went for it” – Katie Swanson

A quote from my guest Katie Swanson about choosing her niche. And sometimes, that’s all that matters, just go for it! Katie’s story is actual a great one.

She is a fitness enthusiast and has been all her life. Started out as an athlete, experienced her first group fitness class in college, took up running, and still today Katie is active as an avid exerciser, marathon finisher and triathlete.

She also loves numbers. she excelled in math, finance and accounting and after 15 years of public and corportate accounting and financing, she decided to combine the 2 and started her own accounting and finance firm in 2020.

Katie now services businesses in the fitness industry in a financial planning and analysis role. As a business geek she works closely with owners to really understanding their operations and help them plan and live out their dreams. 

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