Follow your Passion episode 23 – It was orchestrated chaos, John Louizes

“It was orchestrated chaos” – John Louizes

When you tell people that you want to follow your passion, they might reply: “Oh, that’s sweet!”

John took that very literally. Please welcome my guest John Louizes. John’s passions are fun, family and legacy and he pursues them every day by making candy. John started out small, taking over the shop of his father, and grew the company since then. He is a 3rd generation candy maker and already lining up his son to become the 4th generation.

Listen to his story and be inspired. His business is based in Daytona, currently still known by the prestigious Nascar race the “Daytona 500”, but it wouldn’t surprise me it will be known by the “World’s Most Famous Taffy” some day. 

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