Follow your Passion season 2 episode 17 – website whisperer Irwin Hau

“With magic, you can control someone’s attention” – Irwin Hau

Please welcome my guest Irwin Hau. Irwin is the founder of web design agency Chromatix and Neon Bright, two Australian agencies focused on web conversion. Chromatix is focused on web design and Neon Bright in copywriting. He also runs Irwin Hau Business Consultancy and a MarTech Founder starting ConversionCow, a dedicated conversion SaaS tool that helps businesses fast forward their sales process and see better results with leads and conversions.

At a young age, a friend showed Irwin a magic trick and he was amazed how a magician was able to control the attention of the audience. The whole idea of magic is to guide the attention where you want it to be. No wonder he still uses this skill in the websites his company builds for his clients. 

As a massive fan of using analogies and the light-hearted pun, Irwin loves all things to do with human behaviour and psychology, and chatting about how the mind works in the area of persuasion and influence. You can imagine we had a very interesting conversation.

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Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 17 - Irwin Hau

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