Follow your Passion episode 38 – There has to be a better way, Leonardo de Aguiar

“There has to be a better way”- Leonardo de Aguiar

A thought that already gave us great inventions. And a thought that made my guest an entrepreneur. Please welcome my guest Leonardo de Aguiar. Leo is the driving force behind Intueat (say: “In to Eat” as opposed to “we’re going Out to Eat”). It was actually the love of his life that inspired him to start his business.

At the time, he was in a long-distance relationship and he wanted to plan a romantic night at home for the next visit of his fiancee. However, the process of booking a professional high-end chef in Denver was very challenging and that inspired him to start his first business, Cheff Connect. When the pandemic hit, Leo had to pivot his business and launched his rebranded business “Intueat”. 

Everything started as a small catering service with a fancy app, and nowadays his business is offering a restaurant-quality experience by some of Denver’s notable and emerging chefs in the comfort of his clients’ homes. To quote Leo: “It’s the soul behind the experience.” and that makes Intueat a one of a kind if you ask me.

We had a great conversation and Leo truly knows what it means to build a business that is customer centered. Let his story inspire you as well!

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