Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 5 Shannon Villalba

“I started thinking about the soul of the business” – Shannon Villalba

Please welcome my guest Shannon Villalba, the heartsong lawyer. I love how she calls herself an accidental entrepreneur, because I never had the ambition to start my own business either. It all started when she wanted to help her parents and one thing led to another. And now  she runs the successful Villalba law firm, helping entrepreneurs to protect their business.

I also love how Shannon was able to combine the spiritual with business. It’s a combination that I haven’t heard of before, and that’s why I like it so much. Shannon is very down to earth as a person, yet that doesn’t mean you cannot be spiritual. It all started when she had a little epiphany and started thinking about her business as an entity and the soul of the business. That’s how she created  “The Heartsong Chakra Framework“, mapping the seven chakras to building a solid business. And when you hear her explanation, it makes perfect sense!

Listen to Shannon’s entrepreneurial journey and be inspired by the wisdom she shares in this episode.

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Follow your Passion podcast - Shannon Villalba

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