Follow your Passion season 2 episode 16 – financial educator Tiffony Jacobs

“I could have been just a statistic, I refused to be that girl”- Tiffony Jacobs

Please meet my guest Tiffony Jacobs. Tiffony has a very special story. She comes from a family where her father was an addict and abusive. She had nothing and didn’t see a future for herself. Until she met a very special teacher at school that taught her and her classmates about  World War 2 and the holocaust and those stories gave her hope. Tiffony and her class mates started writing their own diaries about their dreams and their stories were transformed into an awrd winning movie called “Freedom Writers” (2007), starring Hillary Swank and Patrick Dempsey (amongst others). 

Tiffony decided to take her faith into her own hands and began educating herself on financial literacy. She made herself a promise to never sleep on a concrete floor again and she definitely kept that promise. And now she helps others to become financial independent, starting with her family. We had a great conversation about passion, purpose, mindset and other things that drive people. Tiffony aso shared a lot of golden nuggets in this interview. I hope you’ll find them all and use them in your advantage.

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Follow your PAssion podcast season 2 episode 16 - Tiffony Jacobs

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