Follow your Passion episode 10 – Robert White, owner of Extraordinary People LLC

“A fish doesn’t describe water very well”- Robert White

Please welcome my guest Robert White. Robert is a very experienced mentor and trainer with regards to leadership.

Back in the 70’s he founded Lifespring and sold it to his staff who expanded the company nation wide with over 700,000 grduates of personal development seminars. He then founded ARC International in Tokyo and expanded that throughout Asia and USA. In 26 years he designed and delivered high-impact experimental leadership trainings with over 500,000 graduates and over 1,000 corporations served.

In 2002 he started ExtraOrdinary People LLC and has been a mentor, consultant, author, leadership trainer and public speaker ever since. He’s approaching 50 years of being an entrepreneur, so he has a lot of wisdom to share with us. I found it to be a very open and honest interview, Robert didn’t hold back and shared his highs and lows.

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