Follow your Passion episode 35 – When my wife read the first draft of the book, she said, Robert P French

“When my wife read the first draft of the book, she said, you better never kill that guy because if you do, I’m divorcing you” – Robert P French

Please welcome my guest, Robert P French. Robert is a software developer, turned actor, turned writer. He was born and raised in Englandand at the age of 26, he emigrated from the UK to Canada for a couple of years. He never left ever since.

He is the writer of the 7 (so far) Cal Rogan crime thrillers about a drug-addicted ex-cop who fights his way from living on the streets to being a much-sought-after PI. Robert is passionate about the beauty of having the right words on the page and with every new book, his goal is to make it better than the previous one. 

We had a great conversation and I noticed a lot of similarities between us. We talked about  writing, creativity, AI and the potential future. Robert is a very entertaining story teller and I hope you pick up his great energy. Listen to his story and be inspired!

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