Follow your Passion episode 48 – Jeff Mains, CEO Champion Leadership Group

“It’s not just learning, it’s how can I apply that” – Jeff Mains

Please meet my guest and serial entrepreneur Jeff Mains. He is the CEO of Champion Leadership Group LLC, a growth accelerator that teaches entrepreneurs to create futureproof companies while achieving profit, freedom, and impact. He has helped B2B SaaS and technology CEO’s cross the “death valley” and grow annual revenue beyond $10M.Leveraging his experience building 5 companies to over $200M in combined revenue, he equisp leaders to live into their potential.

He is also the author of the bestselling business book “Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business That Swims Circles Around Competitors..” And was selected as CEO of the Year by CEO Monthly March 2021 for guidance and leadership of fellow CEO’s during the pandemic.

Just like me, he calls himself an eternal student. A day not learned, is a day wasted in his opinion. Moreover, like he said, “It’s not just learning it’s how can I apply that”. We had a very inspiring converstion, I hope you become inspired as well.

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