Follow your Passion episode 44 – Can I borrow 300 dollars, go to the fabric store and start my own business, Blaire Brown

“Can I borrow 300 dollars, go to the fabric store and start my own business?” – Blaire Brown


Can you imagine your 16 year old coming to you with this question? That’s exactly how the entrepreneurial journey truly took off for my guest. Please welcome Blaire Brown, founder & brand strategist behind Visionary Advantages Brand Strategy Group. 

She is incredibly passionate about helping businesses gain more visibility through marketing and branding, as well as giving entrepreneurs the help they need to help lift their business off the ground. Blaire has been an entrepreneur since she was 16– and has started 2 businesses before the current one she-s running right now. According to Blaire: “because entrepreneurship is in me, I had no choice but to pursue it!” 

Her first business she designed and sold handbags for about 8 years, worked in the corporate fashion world afterwards while juggling bartending in NYC on the side, started a unicorn party supply business selling on Amazon— and then she took the leap into creating her agency that she runs today, which specialiezes in helping small to medium sized businesses (and entrepreneurs!) with their marketing and branding initiatives.

Blaire has great energy and I truly loved talking to her. I hope you feel inspired as well. 

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