Follow your Passion episode 28 – When I reference my team, I’m actually talking about my clients, Mickey Dale Mikkelson

“When I reference my team, I’m actually talking about my clients” – Mickey Dale Mikkelson

How about that for a mindset. Considering your clients as part of the team. Please welcome my guest Mickey Daly Mikkelson.  Mickey is the founder and owner of Creative Edge Publicity, a literary publicity firm that represents over 100 authors worldwide, and growing.

What started out as helping a colleague, became a fulltime profession for Mickey. He started his business nect to his fulltime job and once he went fulltime in September 2019, he rapidly grew his represented authors list from 35 to over 90, and counting. He already crossed the 100 mark. 

Amongst his clientele are 2 NY Times bestsellers, 7 USA Today bestsellers, multiple award winners in different genres and multiple international bestsellers. Mickey loves to work with some of the greatest literary minds in the industry and help them to spread their message.

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