Follow your Passion season 2 episode 1- Alexandra Badita, Impressivity by Alexandra

“Journaling is more about going beyond the activities and actions”- Alexandra Badita

Welcome to season 2 of the Follow your Passion podcast! Let’s kick off this series with a friend of mine: Alexandra Badita. Journaling and Storytelling Coach, founder of the first Journaling Academy in Romania, dedicated to personal and professional growth, Alex is a creator and educator.

Her brand is Impressivity® by Alexandra and she is also the podcast host at the “Live Your Impressivity® Show”. With a background in digital marketing and journalism, and additional studies in Neuropsychology and Journal Therapy, Alexandra teaches the art of journaling since 2017.

She created the journal “Impress yourself every day” , published the book “Write Your Way To Happiness” and is committed to spreading the word about journaling to entrepreneurs, leaders and children.

She spoke on stages in the US, Netherlands, Cyprus, UK, Albania and Romania and is the co-founder of ”Journaling in Schools”, a national and international campaign for encouraging kids to start their first journal.I love how she wants to help the future generations make a positive impact and journaling will definitely be a great tool to achieve that.

We had a great conversation about journaling and entrepreneurship. When she explained what journaling actually is, I immediately understood the power and effectiveness. It’s so much more than writing a diary. Although a lot of us start just like that. So let’s take your diary writing skills to the next level and start using it effectively! Listen to this wonderful episode and be inspired.

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Follow your Passion podcast with Alexandra Badita

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