Follow your Passion podcast season 2 episode 6 – acting authority and director Michelle Danner

“The people that I’ve worked with so far, we share a passion of the craft” – Michelle Danner

Please welcome my guest, acting authority and director Michelle Danner. With over 30 years of experience, Michelle has worked with many A-List Actors privately and on set such as Gerard Butler, Penelope Cruz, Andy Garcia, Salma Hayek,  Luke Wilson, Emily Van Camp, Donald Sutherland, and Chris Rock.

In 2006, she directed her first movie, starring Jason Alexander, whom I’ve met in 2018 as well. This year she released “Miranda’s victim”, starring an A-list cast as well. The movie is about the riveting true story of the creation of the Miranda Rights told from the perspective of the victim. Her courage that intersects with one crucial moment in history makes this incredibly timely and compelling. Not officially released yet, but touring the festivals. 

Michelle is also a very proud mom of 2 sons. Her oldest son is making moves to follow her footsteps, entering the world of movies as well. Her youngest son is more into sports, and that’s great as well! she just wants them to do what they love to do, just as she has a passion for acting. 

Michelle is very down to earth and passionate about her business as well as her 2 sons. She takes pride in both her sons as well as all the actors and actresses she has trained, because she consider them all part of the (acting) family. Just listen to the episode and let her passion inspire you too!

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follow your Passion podcast - Michelle Danner

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