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authority magazine why we need more women founders

Why we need more women founders & here is what we are doing to make that happen

In their series “Why We Need More Women Founders & Here Is What We Are Doing To Make That Happen”, asked me what I recommend women to do, or to be aware of. Since women are a big part of my niche and I love working with them, I was happy to share my thoughts. I hope it will inspire more women to become an entrepreneur and take the leap of faith. 

It’s a men’s world

I hate to say it, but most part of the corporate world is still a men’s world. In that sense, women  start at a disadvantage when considering entrepreneurship. Yet nowadays that shouldn’t be the case. There are enough successful business women to demonstrate the capabilities of female entrepreneurs. It’s also no longer a world of only hard skills,  soft skills become more and more important and that’s where women excel. 

But why is it taking so long to change? James Brown already sang about it in 1966. And it’s still relevant. I think it has to do with the environment we grow up in. Until we’re around 7 years old, we haven’t created our own consciousness and take everything for truth and we copy those “truths” from the previous generations. In business, either the board or a exiting CEO wants to leave the company in good hands and they tend to look for a “younger me”, which means the profile they’re looking for is male (most of the times). And of course you still have all those presuppositions about men and women. All these factors (and more) play a role and determine the acceptance of women in higher positions. 

In my opinion, the easiest way to prove them wrong, is to start your own company and show them. That’s why we need more women founders. 

What tips did I share with Authority Magazine?

Here are the five tips I shared:

  1. lose the female

  2. It’s not about you! It is about the value you add to the lives of your clients.

  3. Allow yourself to make mistakes. 

  4. Embrace your inner strengths and powers. 

  5. Surround yourself with people that elevate you.

As always, in the article I will go into more detail per item and share some more background. Click on the picture for the full interview:

authority magazine why we need more women founders

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