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Become the person you’re destined to be and give your business  a boost

Transform into the person that achieves your ambitions, goals, and beyond, without feeling like an imposter

Do you have this feeling that you have much more potential than you’re getting out right now?

Is working on your business draining your energy instead of giving you energy?

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter while doing business or presenting?

Are you surviving in your business instead of thriving?

Just park your thoughts for a moment and imagine the following:

A year from now, you’re sitting at a table on the terrace at the beach. You just ordered lunch, the sun is shining, warming your body and face, you hear children playing in the far distance, a dog chasing a ball, you play with the warm sand between your toes, you smell the fresh odeur of the flowers behind you, you close your eyes for a moment and think about the successes you celebrated past year, feel grateful for the wonderful connections you have built, the positive impact you have made and you pinch yourself in the arm to check that you’re not dreaming. Your business is energizing you, you’re following your passion, you do what you do best and get paid a great amount of money for it. 

Mission Impossible?

I prefer the stretched version “Mission I’m Possible“. Following the great quote from the late Napoleon Hill,  bestselling author of the classic of classics in the field of personal development and success “Think and Grow Rich”:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

I know that you can also achieve your dreams. The challenge is to truly believe in your dreams, turn them into a vision and take the right steps to achieve it. Maybe you started your company with a big dream and you haven’t reached it yet. Don’t worry, at least you started and did your best. Whatever journey you’re on, it always start with the first step, no matter how small. You created something out of nothing. And now it is time to keep that momentum. Preferably leverage that momentum, so that you get some traction and can move forward. You don’t need to do it on your own. The Profitable Passion Program™ is here to support and guide you. Or if you want to take smaller steps, you can consider my Inner Circle.


“Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe,
it can Achieve”- Napoleon Hill

Why now?

Because yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet, only now exists. When you want to achieve different results, you have to start doing things differently. If you keep doing the same things, you can expect the same results. Deep inside you know there is more than you’re getting out of it right now. And even though you know it, you don’t know how to activate it. Because without realizing, you live and operate within limits you’ve put on yourself. Let’s release you from those limitations, transform them into supporting and strengthening beliefs. 


Find out the ways we can help you accelerate your life and business.

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I love to inspire you with my blogs full of insights and tips. As of April 2022, I started my own podcast “Follow your Passion” in which I interview my clients and other entrepreneurs that are following their passion and make a great living doing so. Because that’s what Millionaire Life Strategy is all about: to support you and make it possible to follow your passion and make a great living out of it. We tend to limit ourselves without realizing it, leaving a lot of potential unused. The podcast is to inspire you to follow your passion as well. Please let me know which one inspires you the most and when you want to find out what I could do for you, please reach out. Below you find the three most recent episodes:

About me

My name is Erwin Wils and I’m the founder of Millionaire Life Strategy. I am motivated by your success. With the “Profitable Passion Program™” we go on a journey of uncovering all layers you’ve built around yourself consciously or subconsciously, so that you become your true authentic self. 

When we work together, you don’t “need” or “have” to do anything. I learned that I needed a lot of things from myself, which actually kept me from being my true authentic self. Becoming aware of that and releasing the “need” felt great. I will empower you, so that you want to do things. The only thing you “need” is to be motivated, open-minded and feel I’m the right match for you. 

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