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Read my blogs full of insights and tips. I would love to know which one inspires you the most. Below you find the three most recent ones:

Do you have this feeling that you have much more potential than you’re getting out right now?

Would you like to work on your business, but is time lacking, because you mostly work in your business?

How would you like to work smarter instead of harder? Grow your business to the next level?

When you’ve answered at least one question with “Yes”, you’ve come to the right place.  Napoleon Hill, the author of the bestselling book “Think and grow rich”,  has already said it a long time ago:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

The challenge is to truly believing in your dreams or visions and taking the right steps to achieve it. Maybe you started your company with a big dream and you haven’t reached it yet. And you can’t put your finger on it why. Perhaps you think others are better than you, that you won’t be that successful. Or subconsciously you tend to believe the stereotype that exists around nerds, geeks and other technical experts. The reasons why you haven’t reached your goals yet can be very diverse. You might:

believe that you are not good at sales, even though it's an essential skill to grow your business
don't like to pitch your product or service in public, while you know it is needed to be visible
think that you need to do it on your own and getting a coach feels like a sign of weakness
know you need to change in order to get different results, you just don't know what to change

People that succeed, have a few things in common. They have a very strong belief in their vision, they are driven by their passion, they surround themselves with people that will elevate them, they do whatever it takes to succeed and they all have a coach (or even several coaches). 

Having a coach is not a sign of weakness. Just take a look in the sports world. Every top athlete has at least one coach. Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth (until now) had Glen Mills as a coach. Roger Federer has coach Ivan Ljubičić, Rafael Nadal is working with 2 coaches: Carlos Moya (head coach) and Frances Roig (alternate coach). And who has ever heard of Angelo Dundee? Well, he was the coach of 15 world champions in boxing, amongst others Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. All of these big names knew their sport, but it took a coach to make them excel. And now back to business. All the big names in business have their own coach. Until his death in 2016,  Bill Campbell was the main advisor for Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Page (Google), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook),  Susan Wojcicki (Youtube) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon). Brain coach Jim Kwik was hired by Elon Musk. Because we all have our own blind spots and it takes another person to show them to you. And when you have read “Think and grow rich”, you know all about the power of a Mastermind, how thoughts and remarks from someone else can give you new insights and impulses that you hadn’t considered before. Consider having a coach as a mini mastermind.  

That’s why you are still reading this. You also want to excel in your business and life. Especially you want to take yourself and your business to the next level. and that’s where I come in. In a free intake we get to know each other, discuss your dreams, vision and current situation and challenges and when we both know this is going to work, I’ll make you an offer. Because I want you te be my next success story.


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