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Group coaching

Weekend coaching with follow up sessions

Group coaching new style

Group coaching is different (of course) from 1 on 1 coaching. you have to share the coach with other participants. However, that doesn’t mean it is less than the 1 on 1 coaching. Group coaching has some special benefits that are definitely in favour of this concept. The main features are listed below.

Group coaching with MLS means a whole weekend at an inspirational location. For preparation you’ll receive a form to fill in, so that we can already pinpoint some highlights we need to address during the weekend.

That said, no weekend will be the same. Of course, there will be a solid structure, but the content will differ, depending on the participants. So you are assured your issues will be addressed.

After the weekend, depending on the package that you invested in, there will be follow up sessions and after half a year we’ll have a celebration day to celebrate each one’s progress.

So here are the benefits from the group coaching:

Power of the group

The power of the group is most of the times overlooked. 2 people know more than 1, etc., so the combined knowledge of the group will definitely make a difference. Learn from each  other’s mistakes, pitfalls, lessons, tips, shortcuts, successes.

Hot seat

During the Hot Seat the focus will be on you and your company. You can present your company or idea, pitch yourself and  put in the question(s) you prepared. Led by the coach, the group will give you input, ideas, things to consider so that your scope will be broadened and you’ll have some direction to go to. This is actually the most valuable part of the weekend and there will be a lot of information. That’s why the Hot Seat will be recorded, so you can pay attention, don’t need to take notes and can review it (again and again) afterwards.You’ll learn from your own Hot Seat as well as from the other Hot Seats.

Expand your network

The group is ideal to network and build lasting relationships, maybe even find a new business partner. You’ll become each other’s accountability partner after the weekend and keep one another on track. Moreover, each success in the group will elevate your own drive, motivation and success

ERwin Wils - midnset coach and business strategist