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Executive coaching

2 full days coaching with follow up sessions, all focused on you and your business

Executive coaching MLS Style

The Executive coaching packages from MLS put you in the center of attention. At an inspirational location everything will be focused on your needs and wishes, how to get to the desired results we agreed upon. Whether you want to take your business to the next level, work on your business instead of in your business, be an inspirational leader, uncover your hidden talents, live your full potential,  we’ll make it happen together. This program will be fully tailor made to meet your demands.

After an intensive 2 days of coaching and transforming, biweekly follow up sessions will keep you accountable for your progress. Contrary to New Year’s objectives, we’ll make sure you’ll stay on track.

Tangible results

At the start, we agree on tangible results that you desire as the outcome of the coaching. The more tangible, the better. That way we can track progress and measure the success of the coaching program.

you and your company

The results that you’re getting right now, comes from the actions you’ve taken and the person you are today. If you want different results, something has to change.

One of my coaches says “How you change is how you succeed”. I like to say “How you transform, is how you succeed for sure“.  you and your company are interconnected. If one transforms, it is impossible for the other one not to transform.

Be the success you want to become

You know you have much more potential than is coming out right now. Together we’ll get to the bottom of this, so you become the person that achieves your ambitions, goals, and beyond. That will be the commitment we agree upon when we’ll start this journey together. Be the success you want to become. I want you to become my next success story.

ERwin Wils - midnset coach and business strategist