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Brainz Magazine - Mastering the art of time management

Mastering the Art of Time Management

Can you manage time?

That is actually a hard question. We all talk about time management, yet you cannot manage the actual time. It just passes by the same speed for everybody. Yet some people seem to move mountains in the same amount of time we need to fill one bucket of sand. They have mastered the art of using their time efficiently and effectively. Time management is all about making the best use of your available time and energy. In this article I’ve written for Brainz Magazine I am sharing very useful tips so that you can also start to master your time. 

What are the 7 tips to start mastering time management?

In summary, the following tips will make a big difference in managing how you spend your time:

  1. Apply the WAP – Weekly Action Planner
  2. Segment your tasks
  3. Create a todeloo list
  4. Use your energy efficient
  5. Prioritize and apply the 4 F’s: Finish / Focus / Forward / Forget
  6. Incorporate the ABC list and ADE (Automate / Delegate / Eliminate)
  7. Combine!

I need to expand on number 5 a bit more, because this came to me after submitting the article. you can assign each and every task to one of the following priorities:

  • High Urgency – High Priority: These tasks you need to Finish asap
  • High Urgency – Low Priority: These tasks should have your full Focus
  • Low Urgency High Urgency: These tasks you should Forward
  • Low Urgency Low Importance: These tasks you should Forget asap

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Brainz Magazine - Mastering the art of time management

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