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Article introverted entrepreneurs - Brainz Magazine

Introvert Entrepreneurs Rule the World

Imagine being an introvert and an entrepreneur in a world that appears dominated by extroverts. The fear of rejection, the discomfort of self-promotion, and the pressure to constantly network – these are all too familiar challenges. But I’m here to tell you that by harnessing your authentic self and rekindling your passion, not only can you succeed in the world of business, you can rule it.

I know what you’re facing

And being an introvert by nature, I have been there myself:

  • thinking I couldn’t sell
  • feeling awkward approaching strangers
  • never wanting to promote myself, because that felt like bragging
  • forcing myself to “act differently”, which drained my energy

Fortunately, all of that is history. I am following my passion, do what I love to do and I also wish that for my clients. You could call me the living proof that you can be successful as an entrepreneur by staying fully authentic. 

Let’s start changing things

In this article I wrote for Brainz Magazine about introverted entrepreneurs, I highlighted 5 tips to apply:

  1. Embrace your introversion
  2. Unleash your passion
  3. Practice mindful networking
  4. Prepare and rehearse
  5. Prioritize self-care

It will take some practice, but when you set your mind to it, I know you too will succeed.  Click on the picture for the full article:

Article introverted entrepreneurs - Brainz Magazine


Of course, I’m here to help you. When you want to find out what I can do for you, check out the other pages about my service, be inspired by the testimonials on my site, or just go ahead and book a discovery call via zoom, so that you can ask me directly.

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