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Brainz Magazine - Exclusive interview

Exclusive Interview with founder Erwin Wils

Brainz Magazine started our collaboration with an exclusive interview. In the interview I share a bit about my background, my future plans, who inspired me and some pivotal moments in my entrepreneurial journey.

Funny fact that I didn’t mention in this exclusive interview, is that I never had any entrepreneurial aspirations. My father always said it was better to have a corporate career and that’s what I pursued. I did my best at school, got a university degree (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering) and got a job in the world of ICT. during my corporate career, I searched for ways to add value and I believed my added value was process optimization. And every step I took was more and more towards fulltime process optimization. Until that first pivotal moment back in 2014, that I shared in the interview.

I really liked their questions and their interest in me as a person. And I love the fact they used my quote to start the interview:

“Where There’s a Wils, a Better Way Will Be”

I guess I have that surname for a reason 😉

Brainz Magazine did a great job creating this exclusive interview and I’m honored the be chosen as a monthly contributor for their magazine. I love sharing my knowledge and wisdom, and I hope my articles will inspire you and support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Click on the picture to access the interview:

Brainz Magazine - Exclusive interview

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