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The 5 Most Effective Sales Techniques Leaders Need to Know

As you might know, I have my own Advanced Sales Masterclass, so when Authority Magazine asked me about  “The 5 Most Effective Sales Techniques Leaders Need to Know”, I knew I could deliver real value. I’m not saying that the 5 tips I’m sharing are the best, but I do know that they work. 

Stereotypes of salespeople

When you talk about selling, many people get the jitters. Because, we all have those stereotypes in our minds with their pushy and/or slick sales techniques:

  • the used car salesman that would sell his mother in law
  • the door-to-door salespeople
  • the Tell Sell television ads (Amazing Discoveries with Mike Levy, “But wait, there is more!”) (=> for good old times: the magic wand)

We all recognize them, right? And that’s a pity, because we have the wrong definition of selling in our mind, attached to those stereotypes. Because once you change your definition, you too can sell! I can guarantee that. I’ll explain more in the interview.

What are the 5 sales techniques?

The tips I share in the interview are summarized below. These are part of my Advanced Sales Masterclass I mentioned earlier.

  1. Sell the results, not the tools.
  2. Have options. 
  3. Have the right mindset. 
  4. Have the client sell your solution to you. 
  5. Know the difference between costs and investments.

Of course, in the interview I explain what each tip actually means. Click on the picture below for the full interview:

Interview Authority Magazine: The 5 Most Effective Sales Techniques Leaders Need to Know

And in case you want to know more in depth about the tips, or be trained and improve your sales techniques, check out my Advanced Sales Masterclass, or contact me for more details.

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