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Moving From Command & Control to Coaching & Collaboration;
How Leaders and Managers Can Become Better Coaches

As part of their interview series “Moving From Command & Control to Coaching & Collaboration; How Leaders and Managers Can Become Better Coaches,” Authority Magazine asked me to share my knowledge on this topic.

22 years of experience in the corporate world

Before I started my entrepreneurial journey (and a little bit during), I’ve worked in several positions at different companies and I have seen al kinds of leaders and managers. Some managers think they can bark to everybody, telling them what to do and want to keep full control. Others think they are leaders and are “leading by example”, yet nobody follows and they can’t put their finger on it. Some want to leave a mark within the company by making a positive impact, and others want to leave their mark, clearing everything the previous manager built. There are numerous different managers, all doing the best they can (hopefully). And few are just natural born leaders, that people follow and walk the extra mile for. How come there are so many variations? And what can you do to improve your skills?

Stop controlling, start coaching

In my opinion, the best managers and leaders are those that understand the power of coaching. Use the potential of your employees and get the best out of them. Karen Mangia asked me to share 5 tips on becoming a better coach for leaders and managers (amongst other tips). These were the 5 I came up with:

  1. The feedback you get is the result of your bahaviour.
  2. The map is not the area.
  3. When giving feedback, use the sandwich method.
  4. People listen to their favourite radio station WIIFM.
  5. Go first.

They may not make sense when you see them like this, but I know it will once you’ve read the full interview. You can find it when you click on the picture:

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