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5 tips on public speaking

5 things you need to be a highly effective public speaker

Authority Magazine interviewed me on 5 things you need to be a highly effective public speaker. I’ve done many interviews with Authority Magazine, so I was more than happy to do the interview and share my knowledge and tips.

Fear of public speaking

When you ask people what their biggest fears are, speaking in public has always ranked in the top 10. Of course, due to the whole pandemic, lockdown and social distancing, the public opinion has shifted. But still, if you would give a person to choose between speaking in public, or doing something else, chances are very high they choose something else.

Where does this fear come from?

Thst is actually a very interesting question.  Because some people just love to speak to big audiences, they get energized by it. If it was really scary, everybody would be afraid of speaking in public. So the question is, how come that for one person public speaking is far out of their comfort zone, while for the other person it is in the middle of their comfort zone? In my opinion, it comes down to mindset. The tips I share in this interview, are focusing on your mindset and hopefully help you to become that confident public speaker on stage. Just as a little teaser, here are the 5 things:

  1. It’s never about you, it is about your audience.
  2. You should be able to give your speech without any tools.
  3. Your speech should have engagement.
  4. People have their own preferred representation system.
  5. Facts tell, stories sell.

When you want to know more in depth why you need these five tips to become a highly effective public speaker, and I know you want that, then go ahead and click on the picture for the full interview:

5 tips on public speaking


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