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Mindset coach

A mindset coach is someone that works on your mindset. At least, that is my explanation of the term mindset coach. But what kind of mindset is desired? And what is the right mindset for you? Now that’s where I come in. A great quote from Napoleon Hill is the following:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and belief, it can achieve”

Most people have issues with their beliefs, since they’ve created a lot of limiting beliefs in their life, consciously or subconsciously. We tend to limit ourselves for various reasons. As a child, we learn to show socially appropriate behaviour. It is for our own safety, so we can blend in with the crowd and be safe and secure. However, this means we adjust ourselves to fit in and that tends to result in limiting yourself, or even worse to forget your core qualities. That doesn’t mean they are lost, you just lost access to them.

Automated behaviour

When you are little, you are very proud when you tie your shoe laces on your own for the first time. By numerous repetition, nowadays you tie your shoe laces faster than you would explain to me what activities you exactly carry out doing so. This applies to “building” limiting beliefs as well. And those limiting beliefs can already find its roots in your early years (between 0-7 years). The moment a limiting belief kicks in automatically, it has become part of your subconscious system. It requires a lot of willpower, repetition and persistence to change those.

Just think of a little baby elephant, that was sold to the circus. It has a chain attached to its leg, which is attached to a wooden pole. At first, the baby elephant wants to fight the chain and pole, but it learns quite fast that resistance is futile, both the chain and the pole are too strong. Time passes, the baby elephant grows and becomes a majestic bull. It helps with the building of the circus, it pulls the heaviest cars and when it isn’t needed, it is attached to the same chain and pole. If it really wanted, it could break the chain with ease, supposing the wooden pole wouldn’t break first. However, back in its mind there is this little sentence: “resistance is futile”…. What are your chains?

You already carry the solution

A mindset coach should have the capability to directly or indirectly communicate with your subconscious mind. This means that you don’t have to repeat new behaviour you would like to automate over and over again. By guiding your subconscious, you can get insights that change limiting beliefs instantly, or it can even happen without you knowing it consciously, you just experience that something changed and that it’s good. Since all changes come from within, your transformation will have a very high success rate. With the right coaching, you will come up with your own solutions and answers.

It is my duty to access and activate your core qualities again and to transform limiting beliefs into supporting ones, to enable you to achieve whatever your mind conceived. Depending on your needs, we’ll explore your beliefs, your identity and your mission/vision and develop a strategy to put you on the right track and keep you rolling. Because even if you’re on the right track, as soon as you stop, you will get run over.

Be your best self

When your mindset is in the right place, you will reach the next level and above. It will feel like you are your own superhero, making the impossible possible. We’ll work on your drive, your intrinsic motivation. Supported by the right mindset, you will find ways to achieve your goals, no matter what challenges you’ll come across. Another one of my favourite quotes is from Dr Seuss:

“you need to be odd to be number 1”

In other words, be authentic. Every person is unique, is valuable, can add value to this world. Don’t disappear in the masses, don’t be a number, be YOU.

ERwin Wils - midnset coach and business strategist

That’s easier than you might think. Just think about it. There is already one skill that you master the best of the world, that nobody can come close, even your twin brother or sister if you have one, and that is being you. You are a unique personality, a valuable human being and you can make a real difference on this world. So if you want to get out of your disguise and uncover the superhero that’s inside of you, just contact me. Whatever journey you’re about to start, it all starts with the right mindset (coach).