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Live the millionaire life

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Most people want to live a millionaire life, yet few people succeed. Those that succeed, have a few things in common. They have a very strong belief in their vision, they are driven by their passion, they don’t take no for an answer, they do whatever it takes. However, this can take a lifetime. Most bystanders only see the results, not the time and effort they put into it. The smart ones take a coach to accelerate their journey. That’s why you are reading this. You’ve come to the right place.

What is a millionaire life?

Let’s discuss what a millionaire life is. The easy answer is when you’re alive and have at least a million on your bank account. But that’s not all. If you don’t know how to manage your money, it will be gone before you know it. And you don’t want to be a one day wonder.

So what is the key to a millionaire life? Is it only the money? you probably guessed it by now, that’s not the key. The money is the result, not the goal. Remember lottery winners? They become a millionaire instantly, but within a few years, most of them are back to square one, or worse. All because they have a “poor man’s mindset”. They didn’t change their mindset and didn’t know how to keep the money. You might think that’s not you, but are you really sure? When you dig deep down inside and are totally honest with yourself? I guess you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

So what is a millionaire life really

It is a mindset. One of my coaches said it perfectly:

“Everybody should become a millionaire. Not because of the money, but becuase of the person they have become”.

It is an identity and that starts with your mindset. With a mindset for success, the rest will follow. Because you will do and act to make it happen. Napoleon Hill said it as well: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Why do you have to become a millionaire

Like I already said, not because of the money. Money is the result, not the goal. It is the person you will become once you’ve hit that mark. When you know how to make a million, you can also make 2, 3, and more. One of the things once you’ve hit that first million, is that you don’t have to worry about money. When you know how to make it, you can reproduce it. Can you imagine what it feels like when you don’t have to worry about money any more?

Another benefit is that you are able to focus more on your strengths and don’t need to do things you’re not good at, or you don’t like. You can hire other people to do those things, or delegate to your employees. Which means you can be even more effective, enjoy your time more, have a better work/life balance, etc.

Again another benefit is that you can set aside money to build passive income streams. You can invest money in real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, etc. that will give you periodically money in return with little to no effort. That way your future and the future of your offspring can be secured. NB: you don’t need to wait with building passive income streams until you’re a millionaire, you can already start today! However, being a millionaire makes it easier, because you have more leverage.

A maybe even bigger benefit is that you are able to give back. It might sound contradictionary, but look at the most wealthy people on this planet. All of them give a vast amount of their money to charity, or have their own foundation to make a difference. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and the list goes on and on. They made it big, and they give back big. Because they want to leave a legacy, the want to make a positive change in this world. The richer you are, the more impact you can make.

Erwin Wils and John Travolta

How to maintain your millions

First point I want to mention is to have a good relationship with your money. Just imagine this for a moment: you’re in a relationship and each morning when you wake up, you tell your partner:”you’re not important”. And you say that each consecutive day. How long will that relationship last? Will you make it till the end of the week? Probably not…. Now consider this, how many times do you hear people say: “Money is not important”?

Second point I want to mention is to be smart with your spendings. My coach said:”when you can buy a Ferrari, drive a Mercedes. When you can buy a plane, fly first class. When you can buy an island, buy a beach house”. You get the picture? Be smart. Have seperate accounts for seperate spendings. and only use the available money on a certain account for that particular goal, don’t borrow from other accounts.

Third point I want to mention is to build passive income streams. Not just one, but several. that will secure your income and make you financial free.

Last point I want to mention is that you need to keep investing in yourself. Keep developing your skills, your mindset, become an even better version of yourself, find a good coach. Why you might ask? Because each level you reach is the result of the person you are at that moment. when you want to go to the next level, you need to become another person again and what one of my other coaches said: “if you knew how to get there, why aren’t you there already?”

Time for action

By now, it should be clear that you need to take action and get a coach. Take the opportunity when it arises. Remember, an opportunity never gets lost, it just goes to another person. And I don’t want another person to have this opportunity, I want you to have it. So take control of your life and let’s start this transformation together now. Because sometimes, later becomes never. When you want to find out if I’m the right match for you, contact me. Or have a look at my services to see what I could do for you.