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Clearing package

Remove the mental limits that keep you from success with the MLS clearing package

Shutting down the internal saboteur

Sometimes you don’t need coaching, you just need to get rid of the internal saboteur. That little voice in your mind that keeps you small, that keeps you from living your peak potential. Perhaps you don’t like to speak in public, or you’re struggling to break through an old habit that you can’t seem to let go. In that case, the clearing package is designed for you. 

Why the MLS Clearing package

The MLS clearing package works directly with your subconscious mind, that part of you where all your automated processes are stored. As a child, you were very proud the first time you tied your shoe laces on your own. Nowadays, it takes you more time to explain how to do it than to just do it. That’s because you’ve repeated it so many times, that your subconscious took over control of that process, so that you can focus on other things. Just like you don’t have to think how to walk, raise your arms, keep your balance, and the list goes on and on. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re always happy with those automated processes. I always say that the subconscious mind has a positive intention, it wants to keep you safe, to take of you. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re happy with the associated behaviour. Let me give you an example.

Two little kids

Imagine 2 little kids, around 5 years old, can’t swim yet, it has frozen a few nights, there is some ice on the ditch and they are challenged to enter the ice:

  • The first kid can insantly be over whelmed by fear, panic and runs crying to its mother
  • the second kid will sit on the ditch side, put one foot on the ice, put a little pressure on it, stamps its foot, do the same with both feet, while holding the side put more and more weight on the ice until it carefully shuffles over the ice

In both situations it was a very positive intention fo the subconscious mind. They didn’t jump on the ice without thinking, they didn’t go through, they’re both alive, I would call that very positive. Except, the first kid is protected by fear and panic, the second kid is protected bij caution. And the subconscious mind doesn’t experiment with behaviour. It won’t say: “Okay, fear worked in the last situation, let’s see if perseverance will give a similar result.”. Nope, it wil just say: “Fear worked, fear it will be.”. And you’ll understand that the first kid won’t progress as much as the second kid.

Interact with the subconscious

Until you’re able to work directly with the subconscious mind and say something like: “thank you for the positive intention and you should keep that, but the associated behaviour isn’t helping my client. So can you please come up with alternative behaviour that will please my client, while keeping that positive intention intact. “. Simply put.

What will the clearing package do?

It will definitely transform your life! So think of it this way:

Transform limiting beliefs into supporting ones

Similar to the example, we will replace limiting beliefs with supporting ones, ensuring that your behaviour will fit with what you want. 

Release old habits

Some habits and beliefs aren’t necessarily yours. They could have been inherited from your parents, from other people, who knows. This package will take care of that.

Create a new comfort zone

Your subconscious wants to keep you safe. The easiest way to do that, is to stay in your comfort zone. Even if your comfort zone is limiting you. This package will create a new comfort zone that will elevate you.

ERwin Wils - midnset coach and business strategist

Change the fast way

When you want to change your behaviour, you can consciously change one thing and keep repeating it for the next 90 days, or it can be done in one (1!) session. You decide what appeals to you the most. 

In the clearing package, 3 sessions are included. Why 3? Because on average it takes 3 sessions to deal with the mental challenge. It can take 1 session , it can take 5 sessions or everything in between. It might happen that during the first session something pops up that goes way deeper than the original issue and another session needs to be planned. Or  that the issue returns after a while, because it turns out the medicin was worse than the desease. Of course we can deal with that as well, however it requires an additional session. That’s why I only offer the clearing package of 3 sessions. In case only one session is needed, you can use the remaining sessions for other issues.

They preceded you

Listen to their stories. In both cases I only did one session with them. Imagine what I can do for you in 3 sessions. 

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