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A Free Sales Page With LinkedIn

  • Would you like to have a free sales page?
  • In an environment where your target audience resides?
  • That will be on the first page of Google when they search for your name?

You probably already have that page, because that is your LinkedIn profile. Except the most profiles I see, are more like a résumé, talking about the trinity “Me, Myself and I”. While you can use your LinkedIn profile so much more effectively!

That was the reason to create this online training, since I saw this happening with my clients as well. After giving the training in offline settings, I decided to put the training online, so that this knowledge is available for a much broader audience.

Suitable for everybody

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, employee or just looking for a job, this training will make that difference for you. Because you want to attract your ideal customer, client or employer. With the correct redesign of your profile, you will attract that person. And you don’t have to be an advanced LinkedIn user, just follow the steps I present. Like Wim Valstar did:

What made it even better, was his reaction a week later:

Wim is not the only one

You can find this testimonial on my LinkedIn profile. And Wim is not the only one. A freelance event organizer was approached the same week by someone she was not linked with, to arrange three events. After a simple change in his profile, the BNI regional director Haaglanden received more profile visits and an invitation to speak at a national conference. And now this knowledge is available online!

I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t use it

That’s a remark I heard over and over again. I always ask those people:”So why do you have a LinkedIn profile if you don’t use it? Because your customers do!”. Just look at your own behaviour. Suppose we’ve never met and you want to know who I am. You’ll probably google my name and most likely my LinkedIn profile will appear on the first page. And of course you check it out, to build a picture of me. Well, if you do it, why shouldn’t your customers do it? And wouldn’t it be great when your LinkedIn profile would strengthen your position and authority, and support your business?

So even when you’re not active on LinkedIn, this training will give you lots of value.

What’s Included?

When you invest in this training, you get 2 products.

  1. The online training. In 45 minutes you’ll get lots of value. It is divided into 2 parts. The first part is how to redesign your profile, the second part gives you tips how to effectively use LinkedIn to grow your visibility and your network.
  2. My e-book that contains the whole training in writing, so that you can use it as reference material when redesigning your profile.

Moreover, I want you to use the material, so I’ve included a special bonus: a 30 minutes online profile review! Together we’ll look at your LinkedIn profile and finetune it for the best performance.

Anyhow, you don’t have to leave it for the money, because for a one-time investment of €197,- (excluding VAT), you will receive information that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Just look at the reactions of the following participants:

So don’t wait any longer, make the investment and let LinkedIn work for you.

That’s really cheap!

That’s right, €197,- is not that expensive. Although there are other coaches that offer trainings for like €7,- , but none of them includes a 30 minutes 1 on 1 meeting to look at the results of the training. I do. So why offer it like this? I’m not making any profit with it…

Because I want as many people as possible to be able to access this information, so that the positive impact I have will be bigger.

I already lowered the price from €497,-  because of the pandemic and I want the whole world to be able to profit from this knowledge. And to be honest, I’ve kept the price low so that you can experience what I have to offer and maybe you get curious what more I have to offer to you. So do yourself a favour and make this investment. I love to hear what the results are!

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