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Advanced Sales masterclass

4 modules of 2 hours online

Advanced Sales: let’s have some fun!

Do you enjoy selling? Is selling like a second nature to you? If you answered “No” to one or even both questions, you’re no exception.  In fact, I think if you’ve answered “Yes” to both questions, you’re exceptional. However, in business, selling is a requirement to survive. Because, would your business still be alive if you didn’t sell anything? How would you like to start enjoying selling, to make it fun? Then this is the perfect place for you. Just keep reading.

Changing your perspective

When talking or even thinking about sales, a lot of people come up with the “default” car salesman, trying to sell a car to you at all costs. Or the door-to-door salesman that won’t stop till you buy. I know why those people give you a bad feeling. People want to buy, but nobody wants to be sold to. And that’s just what the forementioned examples do. They try to sell you, instead of help you.

The best salesmen

In my opinion, selling is a process of supply and demand. You have something and the other person needs it, even though the other person might not realise it yet. And actually, selling also happens when  you want something and the other person has it. Did you know that the best salesmen are actually your kids, family and friends? For different reasons by the way.

No is just a postponed Yes

Kids are great in selling, because they are determined to get what they want. A “No” doesn’t mean no to them, it means they have to think of something else to get a yes. did you ever meet a kid that stopped asking after the first “No”? That said: “you’re right, I won’t bother you any more.”? If so, it wasn’t a kid, but an adult in disguise. Or check it’s ears, the kid was probably wired.

Sharing an experience

Family and friends are great in selling, because they want the best for you, they want to help you. When they have had a great experience, they want you to experience the same. Or if they hear you mentioning something you need, and they know just the perfect solution, they won’t hesitate telling you that. In case you hesitate, they will continue to persuade you. At those moments they are actually selling something to you! Except, they’re not getting any money whatsoever for it. All they get is the satisfaction that they helped you. And that’s the feeling selling should give you.

Erwin Wils - Advanced Sales Masterclass

People want to buy, but nobody want to be sold to

Sales should be fun!

I want you to experience that sales is fun and selling can be considered as playing a game. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. In case you lose, the other person sold you the fact that he/she doesn’t need what you have. So, considering this, every situation when 2 people are in a conversation and one of them wants something from the other person, a sale will be made. This advance sales masterclass will give you a head start. During the 2 days, we will cover the following topics:

Sales Mindset

Sales is a mindset. Think about this: when you know your product or service is the best solution for your client and the client will go to the competition if he or she doesn’t choose your solution, it is your duty to sell. And you will have no problem selling to him or her, because you know it is the right thing. This and other insights will change your perspective for sure. You’ll learn to tune into their favourite radio station “WIIFM”.

Dealing with objections

When people say “No”, they’re actually not saying no, but I don’t know enough to say yes. When they are saying “I have to think about it”, now that’s a no. In sales, you want to overcome any obstacle they could give you, so you have to be prepared for that. And beyond.

What are(n't) they saying

Words we use is only part of our communication. We are masters in saying something while meaning something else. And that’s all part of being human. We don’t want to offend the other party, we want to be liked, accepted, polite. So what are they actually saying, or aren’t? And how can we use that in our advantage?


A big part of selling is negotiating. And preparing is half the job done. You have to set a frame for yourself, what outcome you need or want. Controlling the frame gives you an advantage. Controlling the conversation also means controlling the negotiation.

Tips and tricks

Of course, I’ll share tips and tricks about sales with you. Some you might already be familiar with, some might be new to you. I won’t tell you how to sell, I’ll give you new insights that you can apply in your own situation and adjust for your own benefit.

Grow your knowledge and skills by attending this advanced sales masterclass.

Testimonial Dirkjan Hupkes Advanced Sales Masterclass

Everybody does it!

I never thought that I could sell. Until I started reading books about it and followed several master classes from the world’s top salesmen. That’s when I suddenly realised that I already was doing like 80% from the material unconsciously and was actually a great sales person!

I just used another label, I called it helping. And that’s what a great sales person should do, help the other party. Since I am more aware of the dynamics of sales and negotiation, it feels like a game to me and brings up the winner in me. I want you to feel the same, that’s why I’m sharing my knowledge, so you too can play that game.


You need to attend this advanced sales masterclass when you want to


help people instead of sell people
make it into a game instead of a "must"
be more effective in any negotation
have fun during the sales process

Your investment

Of course there is an investment involved. Besides the time you invest in developing yourself, the financial investment for this two days event is

€497,- (excl. tax)

Just to cover my expenses and time, because I believe everybody should benefit from this knowledge.

In case you cannot attend a live meeting, but really want to participate and receive this knowledge and skills, I have great news! Due to the whole situation, I’ve tested the training online and it is nearly as effective as live, so I’m offering this training online as well. Instead of 2 days, it will be 4 modules of around 2 hours, spread over 4 week. And, because I don’t have to rent a location to give the training, the investment is a little less, just 

€397,- (excl. tax)

So when you’re ready, reserve your spot!

UPDATE: Due to the current situation with regards to the Corona virus, I won’t be offering my live trainings until further notice.